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We know all sorts of ways to grow your business. if you ask us, we’ll tell you about them.

Creativity is incorporated within everything we do.

Printed literature is an important part of any marketing or advertising strategy. With well designed and planned designs you can support your digital presence with offline content.

AD Media Int. really get to the heart of your business and can create a complete range of printed designs. Recently we’ve produced;


AD MEDIA International is a creative branding agency and we build brand identities that are unique, iconic and distinctive. Whether it’s a brand refresh, or creating a new identity from scratch, we deliver brands that provide a positive, lasting impression.

How a brand performs, its employees and its mythology are all assets with commercial value. Whether you are a new start up, wish to unveiling a new product / service or that your organisation has simply developed, it’s natural that your logo and branding design strategically communicates your purpose or proposition.

As a branding agency, our brand strategy begins with insight and understanding. Understanding the nature and purpose of your company and your offering. Your market position, the competition, your audience.


The creative and shape of a brand goes way beyond the surface graphics: the brand name, identity, colours, imagery – even the tone of voice used in the marketing message – all form part of a brand identity development.


We develop brands in accordance to the agreed brand strategy with the goal being that all brands are fully joined up with a strong, clear and confident personality. Whatever your branding requirement, we’re here to take your business concept from initial idea to reality.

Brand Naming

Brand names give businesses the opportunity to put a meaning behind their name with completely positive connotations. If somebody automatically associates your brand name with positive emotions, you’ve earned yourself a customer for life. We help organisations find memorable names that reflect the identity of their product, solution or business and sets them apart from the competition.


As a branding agency, we know that the company and/or brand name is critical to the positioning and success of the brand. The name will make a statement regarding what you do and, more importantly, how you do it.

Brand Identity

As a creative branding agency, we know that establishing a strong brand identity is paramount to a company’s success. Customers, users and employees, in equal measure, rally to the flag. Meaningful and symbolic – a defined and differentiated identity can be a prime mover. We connect with brands with head and heart and the most memorable brands usually combine a strong appeal to both.


Effective brand identity development usually creates well differentiated identities. Others may follow these are ‘me too’ brands. You may not like a brand – if you do, that’s great! But if you remember it – for whatever reason – then it has worked.